TC Logo, launched in January 2009, is an exciting new destination on the Web. TripleClicks currently features 93,964 products and services from around the world--with hundreds more new products added weekly--including collectibles and items available nowhere else, as well as special, exclusive deals, closeouts, and money-saving offers. SFI affiliates can earn handsome commissions promoting the products and services available at TripleClicks. TripleClicks also includes our Pricebenders Penny Auctions, where members can bid on and win hot, name brand products for a fraction of the retail price—typically more than 90% off--and Eager Zebra games that let members compete with friends and other TC members for prizes and recognition on our leaderboards. There's also our free Daily Crown drawing where you can win your share of $1,700 in prizes every day! And for those who have unwanted items items, TripleClicks makes it easy to list and sell your products for cash or trade.


You'll also be interested to know that because of how we built TC, virtually any type of product or service can be added. The sky's the limit!
TC is a state-of-the-art Internet store site featuring numerous amenities including:
- Express Checkout
- WishLists
- Online order/shipment tracking
- An exclusive, money-saving daily deal ("Deal Of The Day")
- Advanced search features
- Special daily/weekly/monthly sales
- Popular penny auctions (Pricebenders™) with bids starting at only 1 cent.
- Standing Orders (your members can set up orders to have consumable products shipped to them monthly automatically, meaning monthly commissions for you) - One-click sitewide currency conversions for 17 major world currencies.
- More than 50 payment options
- and much more!
With all these powerful features, TC provides SFI affiliates with a world-class instrument for generating Internet income.
How to get started making sales:
Our #1 recommended method is to simply hand out TripleClicks Gift Cards as free samples to your friends, associates, co-workers, family, neighbors—anyone you know or meet who might want to check out your online store. Recipients can redeem each gift card for 6 TCredits, which they can apply toward purchasing products, bidding on auctions, posting their own items for sale, and more; PLUS 100 Member Rewards Points (MRP) they can use toward more purchases. No matter what your level of marketing experience, handing out free samples is a simple and proven way of attracting potential new members. We've even created a special Gift Card Guide to help you get started.
TCard Once your prospect has redeemed their Gift Card, you've just locked them in as one of your personally referred members. And once they get a taste of all they can do at TripleClicks, well, guess what? They're going to want to buy more TCredits. And, of course, for every credit they buy, you earn Direct Commissions and VersaPoints. In fact, you can earn executive affiliate (EA) status for yourself if your members buy just 15 single credits... or seven 10-packs of credits...or just one 200-pack of credits. But that's not all. Many of your members may become frequent shoppers and buyers at TC. And when they buy products, you'll also earn VersaPoints and Direct Commissions.
NOTE: Check out the information in the SFI Affiliates tab within each product's TripleClicks description page.
Make sure you're signed into the store, then click the SFI Affiliates tab to view each item's VersaPoints value, commission amounts for the sale of that item, a direct gateway URL you can use to direct customers to that product, affiliate tips, and more. You can order your TC Gift Cards from TripleClicks. (be sure you're logged in to TripleClicks). Or, you can get hooked up with other great promotional methods and marketing aids . You may also like to read the TC FAQs which covers many other details and aspects of TripleClicks. If TC Gift Cards aren't the way you want to go, our other beginning marketing strategies and aids also offer effective methods to get the word out about your store. You'll focus on simply building a member list and not on promoting any individual products or groups of products; your potential members will discover for themselves the products they wish to purchase. In fact, building a member list as easy as handing out Gift Cards, putting up fliers, or running free classified ads. You'll also want to set up your TConnect page at What's your TConnect page? In short, it's a personalized, free Web page every TripleClicks Member and SFI Affiliate automatically receives upon signing up as a member or joining SFI. You can put your TConnect page to work for you in a variety of ways immediately after setting it up--listing products to sell, marketing your SFI business, accessing special ECA and member deals, and much more! Learn all about it in this training article.
NOTE: For a list of all our beginner, intermediate, and advanced marketing methods, PLUS...if you want to learn how you can pick up an extra $200+ or more a month selling TCredits.
The TC Member Listings Program.
Another component of TC you need to know about is the TC Member Listings Program, which allows you to sell your stuff right alongside TC's other products and services. With the Member Listings Program you can quickly, easily, and cheaply convert stuff you no longer want...into stuff you do! List your stuff at TC, and sell for cash....or for any product in the store. You can even earn SFI Executive Affiliate (EA) status each month selling unwanted items around your house! Use TC as your online garage sale to clean out your closets, attics, and garages! List and sell dozens of miscellaneous items easily. To get started, log in at TripleClicks (using your SFI ID and password) and click the Create a new member listing link in your TC Member Center.

YOUR store

You may not have really thought about it yet, but as one of our affiliates, you and we are partners. Therefore, you need to think of SFI products as YOUR products. And you need to think of as YOUR store. Because it is your store, there are some rules you'll want to start following. Number one, when you buy products and services for yourself or others, you always want to shop your own store (TripleClicks) first. If you owned a bakery, you wouldn't be buying cinnamon rolls from the bakery down the street. If you owned an office supplies store, you wouldn't drive to a competitor's store to buy a stapler or paperclips. It's the exact same thing as an SFI affiliate, especially when it comes to products you're ALREADY buying. Your store ( probably carries many products and/or services that you ALREADY purchase from a local store or other service provider. Why not transfer those YOUR store? You can even eliminate or significantly reduce shipping charges by shopping via local TC E-Commerce Associates (ECAs) in your own country, region, or city. In some cases, you can pick up the products right from these merchants' local retail outlet, eliminating shipping fees altogether. View the ECAs in your country at: Remember, we're not talking about spending extra money, just changing from where you're buying. So what's in it for you? What benefit do you get out of buying from your own store? For starters, your purchases at TripleClicks earn you valuable VersaPoints, which you can parlay into numerous benefits and increased earnings. NOTE: Simply click the SFI Affiliates tab within each product's description page for the VP total attached to this item. Within this tab, you'll also see the exact Gateway URL to direct your prospective customers to, as well as the commissions you could earn by selling this product. But it goes much further than that. The fact is, SFI's success—and your success as an SFI affiliate—is tied directly to the success of TripleClicks (TC). The more successful TC is, the more successful SFI's affiliates will be.
A popular and successful TC means:
- Easier sponsoring of SFI affiliates
- Easier referrals of TC members
- More and better ECAs
- More products & services
- Better prices
- Lower shipping costs
- And MORE...
And if all of the above wasn't enough, you can pick up even more benefits (including discounts off regular prices at the store) by setting up a Standing Order.

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