A recent 17-page study, titled “2013 State of Online Gaming Report,” found that 44 percent of the world’s online population are gamers. And it is estimated that over one BILLION people worldwide play online games on a regular basis–with more than 100 million playing DAILY!
Online games represent a MASSIVE and hugely-profitable, multi-million dollar opportunity for SFI and its affiliates!
Games at TripleClicks can also attract millions of new people to TripleClicks. That’s potentially millions of new shoppers, new customers, and new PRMs (with their lifetime commissions) for you. The larger TripleClicks grows in traffic and popularity, the more we can do as a company, the more and better ECAs we can attract…which builds the groundwork for more and better products, better prices, reduced shipping costs, and many other powerful benefits for SFI affiliates and TripleClicks members both.

How do Eager Zebra games factor in to building a successful SFI business ?
The Eager Zebra games are designed to attract and keep you engage in your SFI business. The competition, prizes and display of badges that comes in Eager Zebra games participation will give you a feeling of satisfaction of your accomplishment and the desire to achieve more.
How the Eager Zebra games factor in to building a successful SFI business:
- Your participation will earn you TCredits, MRPs and badges, while having fun at the same time.
- TCredits and MRPs can be used to purchase products at TripleClicks to grow your SFI business.
- The badges are recognition of your achievements, giving you honor and admiration from your team. Your team will be inspired, earn their respect and will most likely be listening to your tips and advice.
- Through your example, your downline will get motivated to follow you. This will in turn increase the volume of sales in your organization.
- Earning commission through promotion
- Getting action VP
- For relaxing

The Eager Zebra games are an important part of your SFI business contributing enthusiasm, determination and commitment, keeping your entire team to stay active in your organization.

WOW ! Now that’s a marketplace worth being a part of! And as an SFI affiliate, you are automatically positioned to profit from online gaming–through our game division at TripleClicks–better known as Eager Zebra.

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